About Yards and Yarns

Welcome to our Family's Shop! For years Yards N Yarns has been the leading local yarn and embroidery store, as well as your one-stop store for promotional items, including graphics, signs, banners, bumper stickers and more.

Conveniently located in Northwestern Middle Tennessee, in Tenessee Ridge, TN, we are able to handle all local orders as well as anywhere from the entire state, including Nashville, Clarksville, Chattanooga and more.

We are a family run business that offers high quality yarns and embroidery items in our store. We offer yarns, fabrics, buttons, notions, embroidery items, clothing material and more. Give us a call today, or stop by to find what you are looking for.

In addition to our storefront, we have an excellent team that focuses on all your marketing and advertising needs. We offer everything from graphic arts to printing of all of your needed marketing collateral goods. Think of us for all of your signs and designs!